Our Story


Who is Aire-Master?

Aire-Master building sign

Aire-Master is an FDA registered manufacturing company, centrally located in the Midwest. We do contract manufacturing & packaging, private labeling & design, and custom product formulation. We make and package retail products for companies in the cleaning, personal care and hunting industries, among others.

Our History

You may or may not be familiar with Aire-Master, but the company has been in business for over fifty years. Aire-Master began in 1958 as a commercial deodorizing service in Missouri. The company’s founder, Jerry McCauley, who was already making his own cleaning supplies, wasn’t satisfied with any of the odor control products available at that time. So, working with his raw material suppliers, he developed a deodorant product that really killed odors. You see a lot of odor neutralizers on the market today, but at that time nobody else was making them. Aire-Master was kind of a pioneer in that market.

Over the years, the company expanded its commercial & industrial manufacturing to include soaps, degreasers, and other cleaning products. As a service business, we were always responding to customers’ needs, so we made products that solved problems for those customers. To this day, Aire-Master operates in a very service-oriented manner, responding to and anticipating customers’ needs.

Aire-Master began franchising the odor control and commercial hygiene business in the mid 1970s. There are now over 100 individually operated franchises in the United States and Canada. Aire-Master has always manufactured the core products used in the service business and franchise system. In the mid 1990s, we began opening new distribution channels, through wholesale distributorships and contract manufacturing.

We have had consistent growth and stability throughout our history. We are well established, and Aire-Master is the market leader in our commercial hygiene industry.

What is Nuvera?

Aire-Master has leveraged its field experience, product expertise, and manufacturing excellence to create a new brand — Nuvera. Our products are created for home users, who want products that work well, and that they can buy with confidence. Our customers are also cost-conscious. They want something better than the generic brand, but they don’t want to feel like they’re paying more for extravagant packaging. Nuvera customers will want to save money by always getting their money’s worth. Nuvera combines beautiful label design with traditional bottles, for an attractive, but no-nonsense, look and feel.

Product Formulation + Field Testing

Aire-Master products used in service

Aire-Master is not only a manufacturer, but also a cleaning and deodorizing service provider. We have cleaned everything — at the commercial / industrial level. We have learned what works and how to fine-tune product formulas for every application. We don’t just test in the laboratory — we go into the field and use the products ourselves.

Value = Quality + Price

Product quality is only half of the value equation. The other half is price. Nuvera creates value by combining quality with a competitive price. Nuvera products work as well as the leading brands (if not better), while offering savings.