Nuvera Plant-Based Multi-Surface Microwave Cleaner

Nuvera Multi-purpose Microwave Cleaner

Ahh, Clean Microwave

Dried, crusted, nuked-on food in the microwave? Nuvera Multi-purpose Microwave Cleaner makes cutting through greasy, burnt-on food easy as— Spray. Steam. Wipe! A suitable cleaner for the inside and outside of the microwave, leaving a light, fresh lemon scent. Our plant-based cleaner is derived from corn, coconut, and palm kernels without dyes, colorants, or sulfates inside. No harsh chemicals! A win for you and the environment. In a matter of minutes, you can say: Ahh, clean microwave.

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Multi-surface Microwave
Cleaner + Degreaser

Cuts through grease + Cleans baked-on splatters + Steam-activated
Easily removes built-up, crusty messes caused by grease, food, and grime. Special foaming trigger allows product to cling to surfaces for better and more complete coverage. Steam activation softens caked-on food residue and splatters. Leaves a light, clean lemon scent.

Works on:

Microwave interiors and exteriors | Stainless steel applicances | Appliances with enamel paint | Sealed granite or marble countertops | Corian® and Formica® countertops


Spray product generously and directly on all interior surfaces of microwave. Steam activate by pouring 1 cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl or mug and placing it in the center of microwave. Set machine on high and run until water comes to a boil (about 2–3 minutes). For best results, keep microwave closed and let cool for another 2–3 minutes—allowing steam to partner with product. Remove bowl (USE CAUTION-may be hot!) and wipe interior clean with paper towels, clean sponge, or lint-free cloth. Repeat for heavily soiled interiors. Note: To avoid damage to microwave, never operate your microwave while empty.


Nuvera® Multi-surface Microwave Cleaner + Degreaser
Size 24 fl. oz. (709 mL
Item No. 41055
UPC 790732410559